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Established in 1979, McCrory Engineering is a registered professional firm of engineers that focuses on providing services tailored to meet the specific requirements of projects in both the public and private sectors, specializing in Façade Maintenance Systems, Load Testing, Tank & Pipe lining and Commercial Building Garage Repairs. We deliver a broad range of Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction services to our clients.

Our consistently high quality service has led to a reputation of being able to handle even the tough projects. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers every time.


Replacing the Facade Maintenance System (FMS).

Replacing the Facade Maintenance System (FMS).

Complete Facade maintenance System Installation and providing Engineering support on re configuring eight terrace decks. 


McCrory Engineering held a Career Planning and Resources Center Fall Engineering Job Fair and Expo at Houston Community College on November 9, 2016. MCE was able to promote the company for more than 100 students from which 30 of the students showed interest in working with the company. 

MCE was also able to discuss with other companies about business opportunities and partnership. Click here to read more.

McCrory Engineering held an annual lunch program to thank all its Employees and Sub-contractors. 

The event was held on January 13, 2017 at McCrory's Headquarter Office.


McCrory Engineering has developed the McCrory500 Lining System. McCrory 500 offers a number of advantages over current lining systems including:

  • Fast Cure Time – Tanks are fillable within as little as _ hours
  • Longevity – McCrory 500 comes with a 6 year warranty
  • Able to be applied while submerged for patch or touch up
  • Formulated for superior adhesion, not film build, allowing greater contact and coverage of steel.

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McCrory Engineering Overall Performance

Number of Job related Accidents in the past 37 years.0%
OSHA Rec: Lost workday-zero Incident0%
Number of Qualified Personnel in the job field100%

Zero Accident!

McCrory Engineering is 2 years away from celebrating 40 Years of successful Engineering service.

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